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Meet Our Team

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Qurrat-ul-Anne Yousaf, DDS

Qurrat-ul-Anne Yousaf, DDS

Diplomate & Qualified Sleep Dentist, AADSM
Dr. Qurrat-ul-Anne Yousaf, your dedicated healthcare provider, is more than a dentist—she’s a passionate educator, committed to enhancing your understanding of dental needs and their profound impact on your overall health, well-being, and even your socio-economic standing in the long term.
With a heart for education, Dr. Anne is part of the esteemed Global Dental Ambassador Faculty, where she shares invaluable dental experiences and knowledge with fellow professionals in international dental colleges and universities. Her belief in comprehensive patient care is at the core of her practice, encompassing a wide array of dental aspects.

Categories of Care:

Dr. Anne’s approach is patient-centered and compassionate. She attentively listens to your concerns and focuses on achieving your health goals through mutual agreement. Your dental well-being is her top priority, and she looks forward to embarking on this dental wellness journey with you.
Take the first step towards a healthy, beautiful smile by scheduling an appointment today. Let’s partner for your dental health, because your smile matters!
Dental Assistant

Aaliya Wazir

Dental Assistant
Meet Aaliya, a highly dedicated dental assistant working closely with Dr. Anne to provide unparalleled dental care and support. Aaliya brings a wealth of skills and experiences that enrich the patient experience and contribute to the smooth functioning of the dental practice.

Key Attributes:

Aaliya stands as a crucial pillar in Dr. Anne’s team, embodying a holistic approach to dentistry. With her diverse skill set and genuine care for patients, she contributes significantly to creating a welcoming and reassuring environment. Patients can trust that Aaliya is here to assist and guide them through their dental journey, ensuring their comfort and well-being every step of the way

Zeina Iskandar

Healthcare and Technology
Meet Zeina Iskandar, a distinguished professional at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and a master’s degree in information technology. Zeina embodies the perfect blend of expertise needed in the modern healthcare landscape.

Key Proficiencies:

A quintessential team player, Zeina Iskandar’s extensive experience and unique skill set make her an indispensable member of any healthcare team. She stands ready to apply her knowledge and dedication to elevate patient care and contribute significantly to the advancement of healthcare services. Ready to welcome positive transformation? Zeina is here to lead the way!