Understanding Gum Bleeding During Flossing: What You Need to Know

At Broadway Dental Associates, we’re passionate about empowering our patients to take control of their oral health. One common concern that many individuals encounter is experiencing gum bleeding during flossing. While it may be alarming, let’s explore whether it’s normal and what steps you can take to address it.

Is Gum Bleeding During Flossing Normal?

While it’s not uncommon for gums to bleed occasionally during flossing, it’s not considered normal or healthy. Gum bleeding is often a sign of underlying gum disease or inflammation, known as gingivitis. When plaque and bacteria accumulate along the gumline, they can irritate the gums, leading to inflammation and bleeding.

Potential Causes of Gum Bleeding During Flossing:

Steps to Address Gum Bleeding During Flossing:

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